Monday, January 28, 2013


Cutter will be turning three years old in the next few weeks. 

*sidenote::how and when did that happen, incidentally?*

Though each age boasts its joys and subsequent terrors, I have found his current count to be quite enjoyable in the imagination department. He is a very independent boy who can concoct an amazing amount of stories with the least amount of players. 

Exhibit A:

We recently acquired a new (free) sofa for our living room and his mind wasted no time in determining it's purpose in his world. Ideally, it exists as a ramp, road, and parking lot for his cars and I am to feign ignorance when presented with such discoveries. Surely the purpose of the sofa is not for sitting, no not in the slightest. It is his own personal system of roadways.

I am reminded that I am SUCH a girl on a daily basis and have ZERO creativity or originality, all thanks to my (almost) three year old.

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