Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sitting down at the computer to compose my thoughts has been glaringly absent from my to-do’s as of late. To say that I miss the freedom to write when inspiration strikes would do the English language a disservice; there really is a void in my ‘written word’ quota that begs to be filled, though I have accepted the certainty that for now it is a veritable impossibility.  

Kids, they do that to you. 

Lest you be filled with angst over my seemingly barren blog, be assuaged by the incredibly amazing amount of time I am spending with my offspring in its stead. Runny noses, countless renditions of 'Wheels On the Bus' and 'Jesus Loves Me,' scraped knees, black eyes, upheld arms; my days are full with these. 

My yearnings for personal moments of solitude remain, but my joys of being Mommy have filled my cup to overflowing. Those children of mine really do cause my heart to swell in ways I never anticipated. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I intend to bask in my three seconds of peace before the next load of pint-sized laundry and ensuing folding commence.

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