Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The end of summer

Time is fleeting these days. The summer literally disappeared; Memorial Day through to Labor Day I was consumed with children; the feeding of, the changing of, and the worrying about. The latter half of the summer we were conspicuously absent from practically every social gathering that occurred in the morning hours due to a certain someone’s propensity to nap, and nap well I might add.

She has adapted to a four hour schedule literally seamlessly, but man does girlfriend love her some sleep! For Cutter’s sake we hosted quite a few play dates to give him some interaction outside of his less than appealing sister, and it was great for me to have the social time with my own girlfriends.

The best news of the summer however, did in fact come at the tail end of the season. Scout had her official 6 month check up with our pediatrician last week. As usual, most of our efforts were concentrated on her weight as every other part of her exam was again, normal. The pediatrician and I have taken to holding our breath until the scale levels out. She weighed 13 pounds, 14 ounces; which though not an impressive gain – is a gain all the same and keeps her within the tenth percentile. Her weight does remain a concern, but overall she is gaining and maintaining her percentiles and so we forge on in our pattern of four bottles and three meals of solids a day.

The last remaining specialist for her to see was a cardiologist. Every time we have had lab work performed on her, she tested extremely high on her triglycerides. It was elevated enough that our pediatrician suggested we see a cardiologist. I had scheduled an appointment in October, but just thirty minutes after my scheduling I was called to see if we could come the next day to fill a cancellation.


I hustled and grabbed copies of lab work, referrals, and arranged childcare for Cutter. I was told the appointment could take up to three hours and well, Cutter is two and a half years old – and a boy.

She really did great at her appointment. She had an EKG done and complacently laid on the table while the nurse distracted her to get the ten second base line. The doctor came right in and examined her and asked the in depth questions regarding our family history that we knew would be coming. Most babies with numbers in her ranges have genetic sources for the elevations, but neither Steve nor I have any elevations nor does anyone in our family. It was puzzling to say the least, but in the end, it was realized that we have nothing to worry about regarding her levels. Because the lipid panel was a non-fasting draw, it isn’t exactly an accurate read of her levels. There is no pressing reason to draw a fasting sample (ugh, can you imagine?!) and so we will instead follow the national recommendations (established with the help of our cardiologist at DuPont) to have both Cutter and Scout tested for baseline cholesterol levels at the age of 8 or 9.

It was a relief to hear that there was nothing physically wrong with our baby girl. The metabolic specialist wants to follow up with her in 4-5 months, but otherwise we have no other specialists or concerns to contend with. Her sudden weight loss at 4 months old was most probably attributed to my unknowing lack of supply, and her uncanny will to not ask for more. Once she began formula she got right back on track, and since we have added solids she has maintained her current growth perfectly.

I feel as if I lost my baby this summer! She came into it a nursing, sleepy, cuddly baby – and is coming out of it an independent bottle-fed, sitter eating solid foods. I am always amazed at how much changes from month to month, even week to week at this age. They grow up before your eyes.


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