Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cutter Says

This kid says some of the funniest things and as his mother I am obligated to record them for posterity. Check it, it's in the contract.

As of late, the favorites:

- "play woodpecker in the bushes" Doris Day's "A Bushel and a Peck"
- "Where it could be?"
- while brushing his teeth "Get that dirt out!"
- saying his "a, c, b's"
- "I do myself, Mommy!"
- "tickle me!"
- "stop it!"
- "Where is _____ from?"
- "I miss you too, Mommy"
- "huh?...huh?...huh?"
- "Jesus so happy, Cutter so happy!"

And the penultimate:

- "I not share Scout."

Words from a 31 month old's mouth.

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sweetbabygiggles said...

Love this! I have been compiling phrases as well for a post! My two favorites are the Bushel and a Peck comment and that he won't share Scout! Love everything about this!