Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bi-annual Phone Dump

Yes, friends, it is that time again. It must be noted, that this installment is precipitated by the fact that my cellular object of affection was in fact precipitated upon thus contributing to the eventual demise of the most traditional of phones on the market. It was with great relief that I was able to retain all of my information and beloved pictures and videos.

That untimely death introduced this lovely to the world of smart phones and I fulfilled my lust quotient for the year by securing a fabulous iphone 4. Pictures and videos are the aim of my desires and I have already succeeded in downloading instagram and filling my camera roll with upwards of 50 photos and it is just day one.

Glorious, I tell you.

The last installment of photos from my archaic yet beloved phone of yesteryear.

Wearing my glasses; hysterical.

New Year's Day in York, PA

Our rental car; oh the saga...

The first gift I received with her name on it!

Waiting on her arrival, just a few days prior.

1 day old! Look at those cheeks, wow mama!

So tiny, why can't she sleep on me like that still?!

Released from the swaddle and stretching out

Milk Drunk

Donut coma

Mommy and daugther time outside in April

Rockin' the shades

Waiting for Scout to get her bloodwork done at DuPont

The first official flowers that Cutter picked for me. Tear.

Hanging out in Mom and Dad's bed.

At the park racing the cars around the track.

Good Morning.


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What's your name on Instagram!? I'm backpockets :)

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