Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Charlie's First Birthday

July seems to be our Vinton Mountain destination month.

In 2010 we visited, then there was last year’s momentous 2011 birth, and now this year’s 2012’s birthday bash.

We spent the weekend at my sister’s in honor of my nephew’s first birthday.
The celebration of his first year of life on this earth included a crayon-infused party replete with homemade pizzas, a string band, water balloons, coloring, and glorious sunshine. My sister chose the theme which was classic yet simple. Decorations were colorful and altogether useful and entertaining. Friends and family alike came to cheer on Charlie as he eagerly devoured his scrumptious homemade “C” cake. He was so adorable as he sat in his highchair and beamed from ear to ear betwixt his mommy and daddy. He is ever loved!
My children were decidedly blissful for the change in scenery. I barely saw Cutter after opening the car door to let him loose, and he discovered and explored to his heart’s content. Toads, frogs, dirt, water, rocks – he was in paradise. Scout easily adjusted her schedule and napped and ate accordingly. They made me one proud mama.
When night fell we moved our family revelry to the firepit (newly erected with the brawn of my hubs some weeks ago) adjacent to the pond and my sister offered to take me on a 4-wheel ride on some of the trails. She had to maneuver it out of a tough spot in order to be on our way, and after her first attempt resulted in my narrowly missing a boulder after being tossed aside, I wisely waited for her to gain better footing before mounting again. None the worse for wear, she did not disappoint and we ascended the mountain under cover of night and watched the windmills above us turn in tandem. It certainly made me wistful for all things simple and pure. The wind blowing through my hair was freeing and altogether invigorating.
Sleeping arrangements were tight as many of our family stayed over to make the most of our visit. Charlie and Cutter shared accommodations and so my sister and I bunked together to hear the monitor through the night. At 4:30 in the morning Cutter was dreaming of cupcakes as evidenced by his clear proclamation, “I want a cupcake. I want a cupcake.” Obviously my child knows what is good and true in this life.
We all enjoyed each other’s company and had a terrific time reminiscing where we were just one year ago when Charles James entered our lives. I had the distinct honor of watching him enter this world and it was a joy to remember that as I celebrated all that his first year of life brought to him this past weekend. Happy Birthday Charlie!   

Crayons for coloring

Cutter chasing said frog

Cutter and Logan down at the pond

Daddy and Scoutie

The happy family!

Charlie and his birthday friend, Phaedra

The whole family

Just the four of us; and this is what happens when you subject children to multiple pictures...

Girly Girls!

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Unknown said...

that was very beautiful - i ended the blog post with tears in my eyes...we are al so very loved and Charles is so precious...I love him more than I ever thought I could. You're the best sister ever!