Tuesday, May 15, 2012

27 months

It’s been a good three months since I’ve done an official update on Cutter’s monthly maturation. He has changed immensely in the aftermath of his sister’s arrival, perhaps in part from her entrance on the scene as it were, perhaps in part due to the natural growth that occurs at this age. Regardless, my monkey has grown in leaps and bounds and I wanted to be sure and record the darling remembrances of this age.
26 pounds, 34 inches. Tall and Skinny.

Things Cutter is doing or saying at 27 months old:
- He helps me turn off the sound machine when Scout wakes up and then squeals, “baby, baby!” and smiles his big, toothy grin

- On the regular I hear "Mine," "Have It," and "No" – ugh

- He is talking to himself more, and using his imagination a lot

- Not surprisingly there is not a day that goes by he does not beg to go outside. He loves to be outdoors and to run and run and run.

- His current favorite saying, “1,2, blast off!”

- He is picking out his clothes (some days)

- Enjoys watching the birds from the window and identifying them. He knows woodpeckers, cardinals, robins, and finches. Not to mention squirrels and bunnies. He also loves to walk around and point to the trees and call them out -- holly trees, pine trees, poplars.

- He is able to put on his crocs by himself

- Fun words he says, "Hippups," "Chepup," "Otay," "No Pease"

- Has quite the penchant for lining up things in rows (just like his mama) and doesn’t like when things are torn apart or in pieces, prefers them whole.

- At the present enjoys being under the table or in the middle of the kitchen island

- He is such a helper with chores. He loves to use the swiffer, help vacuum, do the laundry, and helpf feed the dogs by setting out their bowls and helping put the food in the bowl.
- When we have been in the other room or away for a little bit he will smile at us and say "miss you," sweetest.thing.ever.

- Disney favorites: Jungle Book (mow-li) and Finding Nemo (Dorie)

- Favoirte books of late: Waldo, Little Blue Truck, Big Brother 

- His cars remain favorites as do his train tracks and farm.
Truly he is a menacing, toddling terror - whom I love with every ounce of my being. There are days where frustrations cloud my current state, but he and I learn through each of them a little more about each other and where our boundaries lie. He is the best tool for humility I've yet to find. I love the joy of life he exhibits, and pray I will not let it slip from my grasp.

A small vignette of his innocence; the other day we were outside soaking up the glorious sunshine. He kept reaching and saying 'high' 'high.' He was trying to reach the clouds. Lord willing, I'll help him get there one day. 


Katie said...

This is such a sweet post Lauren! I love the story about him trying to touch the clouds. So very cute!

sweetbabygiggles said...

In the blink of an eye, these boys are growing, growing!