Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Months Old

So soon, I say? Indeed, the past eight weeks have passed with speed akin to a bullet and my newborn has morphed from a sleeping and eating bundle into a veritable interactive entertainment piece for her brother, father and I.

After we passed the coveted six week mark our worlds began to change for the better. More rest, more schedule, and smiles – oh the smiles! As if it were not possible already, I fall more in love with my Scoutie every single day. She is pure joy and when her naps end, I find it’s all I can do to stymie myself from storming her cradle and scooping her up to smell her and snuggle her. I do retain some equanimity. I assure you, my emotions do encroach on frustration and befuddlement as with any baby, but Scout is decidedly different from her brother in demeanor and poise; she is calm. I know not what to do with a content baby, hence the over abundance of pheromones and dripping adoration.

At two months Scout is:

-          Eating every 3 hours during the day with an occasional bout of every 2 hours thrown in for good measure.

-          Took her first bottle at one month old and gets at least one a week from Daddy

-          Naps about four times a day for about two hours; swaddled and with white noise in her cradle or crib

-          Nighttime: has been going to sleep for the night around 8:30 or 9 pm, having her long stretch (anywhere from 5-7 hours) and then up one or two more times, up for the day at 7 am. (Though there was that one night she slept from 8 pm until 4:30 am!)

-          Her official weight/height will be this week but I think she is very long, and quite large

-          Wearing size 3 month Carters and 0-3 Gap and others. Gerber onesies – an anomaly in themselves – wearing size 6-9 months

-          Size 1 diapers

-          Smiling and cooing all. the. time.

-          Loves to stand up, play with the mobile in the pack ‘n play, play with the rattles on the playmat, enjoys being in the bouncy seat, and of course staring at her Mama

-          Has been a travelling fiend with her Mama and brother; Target is our favorite hot spot

Firsts this month:

First holiday, Easter and meeting more extended family
First smile, March 28th – coincidentally the same day her brother had his first “bathroom tub” incident
First time away from Mommy and Daddy; we had a date afternoon to see Titanic and relive our high school courtship
I love this munchkin!

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