Monday, March 12, 2012

A Story from Cutter

The weekends have been a godsend in the form of the very presence of my doting husband. I can indulge in those luxuries afforded to the precious few mothers of newborns. Indeed our Saturday and Sunday mornings have followed the pattern wherein I nurse Scout, pump, sleep in, and take a glorious uninterrupted shower simply because my husband is here to take care of Cutter’s needs, and I don’t feel as if I am neglecting one child or the other (Oh, mothers of more than one!). Feeling clean and refreshed does wonders for the sleep-deprived new mother, spoken from experience.
We have been having beautiful weather as of late, and everyone in this household has benefitted from the fresh air and Vitamin D. Steve has taken Cutter to expend his energy in the out of doors and though I watch from inside, I can’t help but enjoy their adventures from afar.

Yesterday when they came back inside, Cutter was eager to share what he and his Daddy were doing together outside. It was the first real story he was able to recount to me and hearing his words and how he pieced each part together just made my heart melt. What made it all the more special as his mom, was that I understood everything that he was saying and could see the progression and logic he was processing as he told me his story.

It went a little something like this,

“Mama – swing”
‘Were you and Daddy swinging the bat outside?”

“Yes, Mia eat”
‘Oh, did Mia try to eat the ball while you were playing?”

“No, No”
‘That’s right, Mia isn’t allowed to eat the ball so we tell her, no’

‘Yes, you were playing with the ball with Daddy'

‘Was Daddy asking you if you were ready to hit the ball with the bat?’

“Yes, ready”
‘Alright, and you told him you were ready to swing the bat to hit the ball! Great job!’

“Yes, Mama”

Melted my heart.

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DCB said...

Thank you for sharing. I love this.