Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Month Old

Scout Everly you are one month old today (well, plus one day).

Adjusting to life with a newborn has been relatively seamless this time around, such is the blessing of a second born.  I don’t have near the anxiety or lack of confidence that I did with Cutter, and have given in to my motherly instinct much more quickly this time around. I have graciously accepted help in the form of meals, childcare, and sleep amongst many others and haven’t felt guilty about doing so – quite the different tune from my postpartum days of yesteryear. She cries, and my immediate instinct isn’t to seize up and panic; but rather to listen and hear her try to talk to me. I’m enamored with her head, her fingers, her belly button, her toes – and I love that I can soak it all in during these first few weeks while my family has stepped in to help care for the rest of my domestic and motherly duties. Having so much one on one time with her has done wonders for my (now) sleep-deprived soul.

I have been surprisingly encouraged by the amount of chaos and sheer disorganization that I have been able to withstand – and let go – this time around. My Type A: OCD nature appears to lessen a little with each child that passes through my hips, a method of survival to be sure.

Oh, Scout.

At one month old you are:

-          Still sleeping a lot. Quite often I have to wake you during the day to keep you to a 3-hour feeding schedule. We certainly have our 2-hour days, but I am hoping those are attributed to growth spurts and not the norm. Lately the evenings have been hard as you want to nurse every hour or two until midnight.

-          So much better at nursing! What a relief that is for your Mama. When we came home it was trying for both of us to get through a session without tears being shed, but at 3 weeks you turned a corner and it has been smooth sailing since then.

-          Are working towards a better schedule; I set your wake time every day to help ease the logistics of getting two children ready for the day but your naps have not been as long as they should be lately.

-          Are hardly awake for 45 minutes at a time (including nursing) so tummy time hasn’t been enforced yet, but when I do lay you down you enjoy being on  your tummy and have even thrown all legs, arms, and head up in the arm at once. You are strong!

-          Napping in your crib in the nursery and in the cradle in our bedroom, sleeping in our bedroom at night. Swaddled up tight and with the sound machine (both the greatest things since sliced bread, I tell you). At night you will give me one good 4.5 hour stretch, sometimes two 4 hour stretches.

-          Wearing size 3 month Carters, 0-3 in other brands. You wore newborn clothes for about two weeks.

-          Stats to follow; doctor’s appointment is later this week.

-          Wearing a size 1 diaper. We used up the one pack of newborn diapers quite quickly.

-          Cooing and grunting, the typical newborn language of love

Scout Everly you are a joy to your Mama and I am so blessed by your vigor and strength. I can hardly believe that I am a mother of two, and that you are my very own little girl.

Where did that first month go...

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