Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

The search for those elusive oval-shaped, saccharine-filled ‘presents’ as it were was held today at our church. This was our first official Easter egg hunt for Cutter. The MOPS group that I belong to sponsors the family event and though rain dampened the ground it did not dampen our spirited child one bit. He was full of energy, bouncing from one craft to the next, pausing only to re-fuel with iced donuts and soft pretzels. Can someone say two year-old?!
The rain did force the hunt to be held indoors; picture sixty-some kids under 8 plus all of their parents and grandparents – cameras at the ready, all anxiously awaiting the word, “Go!” It was a delight to be sure, as Cutter held my hand as we traversed the sea of toddlers, carefully walking to the back of the room, scooping up eggs as we went. Once he discovered that they had chocolate in them, there was simply no turning back.

Scout was an angel and convinced me that having a girl is night and day from a boy. My goodness is this child easier than her brother was! We had such a great time as a family and Steve and Cutter were able to play quite a bit while Scout and I helped to register families as they came in.

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