Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cutter's Second Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Cutter’s second birthday. Yes, it was early, but seeing as how I could go into labor at any moment, we thought it best to usher in the third year of his life a week ahead of time rather than chance a party that could have been much more memorable for all involved. Lord have mercy I am so glad that my water did not break whilst in the midst of party revelry. I was infatuated with ensuring that the focus remained on him as I knew that the transition of welcoming a new baby would be an exacting and harrowing time for each of us.

Though I did set the date and get out invitations, this party was decidedly low-key (especially for my standards). I purposely prepared not a single thing until the day prior, just in case I happened to go into labor.  My mom also graciously took care of most of the food preparation and cleaning ahead of time. Gosh darn I love her so!

I have very few pictures of the occasion; I rely on the family shutterbugs for these purposes. In the interim, here is a sampling of the fanfare for our little Mr. Necker this past weekend.

The source of my inspiration stemmed from this free printable from one of my favorite blogs, The Handmade Home. I knew I would use it in some way, and so I pulled all of the colors from the print. I was thrilled with the final result as blue and orange are two of Cutter's most recognizable (and identifiable) colors. Everything else just fell into place as I began to decorate on Friday. Simple, but a fete in honor of my little mister all the same.

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Jase and Melissa said...

Cute pictures Lauren! Hope you're feeling well!