Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revamped Nursery

I fear I have built the anticipation of this reveal beyond my ability to amaze and astonish. It is certainly far from finished as I have many additional things to add once our little girl makes her debut, but these are the pieces that make up the structure we’ll build from.
Though I do not have many specific additions for Scout, the entire nursery has evolved as it will now be home to both of my children. Cutter made the move to the twin bed effortlessly, and Steve and I set to rearranging the nursery to suit both of our children’s needs.

Without further ado, the new nursery. 

The pink additions, as well as a copy of her literary namesake
The letter blocks spell out Scout and Cutter

 Scout's bedding; light and feminine

The new view into the room, spotlight on Cutter's twin bed

Paper lanterns (from my sister's baby shower) hung above the bureau made by Steve

Scout's corner, with monogram made by Steve

 Her sonogram from 18 weeks

On Cutter's side, his play table in the corner with his barn.

The cradle and her dresser will be in our bedroom until she is ready to move into the nursery overnight. Cutter has already insisted on sitting in the cradle to watch Mickey Mouse in the morning while I get dressed. And so it begins...


Ashley said...

I knew it would be beautiful! Well done

The Drakes said...

So beautiful! I love it! Our reveal will probably be after the little one makes his arrival and I'm more mobile, but it's actually cracking me up how similar our decorating ideas are! I forgot about the framed C you had up (which we're hoping to do once boo boo has a name), and I also had planned to hang paper lanterns!