Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tied up in bows

I am a lover of the bow tie.
My husband, though dapper and charming in his own right, is just not a bow tie kind of man. This leaves me but one man left to exploit, that of my son.

Spurred by my recent impetus to believe that I am crafty and a homebody at heart, I purchased a PDF pattern off Etsy through birdsongbows, selected my fabric, and persuaded my mother to help me along in the sewing process.

These three beauties are the result of our sewing escapades night before last, and I love them ever so much - and they aren't even adorning my toddler's kissable neck yet.

*Disclaimer: I have an uncanny ability to break sewing machines. It's unforgivable, really, given how much I adore the craft. By the third bow my mother took over the actual sewing and I performed the other more capable tasks at hand -- in the interest of the machine's well being, of course.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I love the bow ties! Can you make one for my husband and send it before the new year? lol. We have a new year's eve bow tie party! Congrats on expecting!