Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In true personal fashion I (obsessively) began to contemplate Cutter’s Halloween costume options back in say, July. Far be it from me to determine why I revel in these decisions so much but alas, I do. I happened upon this image on Pinterest  (follow me: ldnecker) and since at the present a chicken was one of the few animals Cutter could imitate, I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that it was a Martha Stewart how-to.

Since then, he has broadened his animal repertoire to include most farm animals including the likes of a cow, duck, horse, sheep, dog, cat, and turkey. He has also bravely ventured into the jungle with renditions of monkeys, lions, and dinosaurs that surprisingly all sound quite similar.

My mother helped me with the costume since my hospitalization messed with my timeline, but homemade with love it remained which was my intent from the onset.

Though my ferocious chicken did protest as his arms were shoved into the sleeves, once on, he obliged, convincingly clucking along and promenading proudly with red comb and yellow claws in the air. It was endearing to say the very least.

We celebrated the ghoulish holiday with a Fall Festival at our church Friday night, and then a quick parade of sorts (walking from the garage to the front door of Gigi and Poppy’s) on Sunday. Next year we’ll be more engaged with the actual trick or treating part, this year was more of a celebration.

Happy Halloween!

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DCB said...

Excellent job on the chicken costume! Cutter looks adorable!