Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have some of the best friends, ever.

E-mails, phone calls, visits, yes - even Facebook check-ins, text messages, meals, name it we have been recipients of more blessings in the past few days than I can count. God has been merciful to surround our family with such amazing people and I am not naive enough to think for one second that that isn't by His design. Each trial we have faced this year (and Lord knows there are plenty) has brought us unbelievably closer to our Lord and Saviour, and closer and closer to the floor as we fall down on our knees in not only supplication but in pure thanks and joy for His provision for our family's needs.

Cutter has been the willing recipient of one of those needs; sugar. Many friends have provided meals since we have been home and Cutter has quickly learned that those meals end with a sweet treat. Yes, it's true, I deprive the poor thing of sugar on a regular basis.

Is there anything cuter than a saccharine-crazed toddler?  I think not.

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