Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rotor Fest

Clouds though present they were did not dissuade us from venturing out to expose Cutter to yet another of his enjoyments as of late – helicopters. We attended our inaugural Rotor Fest, of which I am sure there will be many repeat attendances. Before we even stepped foot on the ground after parking our car he was already pointing to the skies. The whirring blades were decidedly unambiguous and our consciences cleared of any misconception he may not enjoy the event; he was delighted beyond belief.

We checked out the numerous outdoor static displays of various helicopters, and I fear I will soon learn the differences between each of them. The museum itself was open for viewing and Cutter confidently perused the grounds and even ‘flew’ one of the helicopters on his own.
We were privy to quite a few arrivals and departures as they were offering helicopter rides as part of the Fest, and Cutter was enthralled with the comings and goings of each craft, pointing and talking at each crew.
It was a Saturday morning I’m happy to have created lasting memories with this trio of mine.

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