Friday, September 16, 2011

18 weeks

Strangely enough I have made it to 18 weeks without posting a single update about this pregnancy. Somehow I don't think that's quite fair – to me or to our baby. 

Our ultrasound was scheduled for this morning and despite a few insurance hiccups which left me anxious that we would be sent away, we were ushered into the dark ultrasound room to learn the sex of our next child. With this pregnancy I have had no inkling one way or the other, and was completely surprised when she revealed the gender to us. 

We have been praying for a healthy baby and that was foremost on my mind. The first thing that I saw was the baby's heart beating, strongly, at 141 beats per minute. Hearing that was music to this momma's ears! Everything else checked out perfectly – hands, feet, bladder, kidneys, stomach – this baby was perfectly normal. We were even given a surprise view of the baby’s face in 3D which was precious beyond belief.  

Boy or Girl?

We threw a small gender reveal party tonight for our immediate family. Any excuse to plan a party! I bought blue and pink balloons and had a chalkboard out for the official tally. I ordered a cake from my favorite bakery, and called after the appointment to let them know what color the icing should be on the inside.

He? She? Let's See!

The cake was the best idea and I’m so glad we decided to tell our family in that way. It was just perfect – and incredibly special. We cut into the cake and I pulled the piece out and my mother’s reaction was simply priceless. She jumped up and down and screamed, “I’m going to have a granddaughter!” Yes – we are having a girl!

She is perfect in every way and we love her with all of our heart. I cannot wait to welcome this little girl into our family. Cutter has been practicing saying sister all throughout the day, and it’s simply the cutest thing.

 We love you baby girl! The countdown to February has begun in earnest.

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