Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dawning of a new Era

This weekend marked the passing away of an era. An era that encompassed compact seating, minute trunk space apt for spontaneous roadtrips with friends and fianc├ęs alike, the allure of looking cool, and caring entirely too much about what decibel level the speakers could reach.
A new era was ushered in its place. (Lion King, anyone?)

One that includes multiple car seats, requisite third-row seating, (sippy) cup holders, incredibly large trunk space to hold strollers, excess diapers, and toys alike; sectioned climate control, heated seats, and DVD players aplenty. I think the cool factor vanished with the excess sippy cup holders.  Indeed, we now have a decidedly family vehicle and I feel as if I am driving a boat.  

Steve allowed me the coveted honor of driving the car off of the lot and away we ventured in our family vehicle. To mark the occasion, we stopped at the drive-through Chick-fil-A and feted our purchase with milkshakes and sandwiches all around. A happier trio there was nowhere to be found.

We are now officially grown-ups. With a family vehicle.

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Leslie Pruitt said...

One of my friends once told me, " a mini-van sucks the cool right outta ya." Car looks great cool mom!