Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yellow and Lemons

Today we celebrated the blessing of my sister’s pregnancy with a lemon-infused baby shower hosted at our home in her honor.

Admittedly, planning and organizing parties brings delight beyond measure to my detail-driven soul. This celebration was no exception and planning began in earnest around Mother’s Day. My mother and I worked in tandem to create the perfect atmosphere for my sister and based upon her reaction and emotions throughout the day, I have to say (with a gleam in my eye) we succeeded wholeheartedly.

I will post party detail links in a separate post so enjoy the eye candy, presently (or at least what would be consdiered eye candy to me).

We hosted a display shower as to allow for more social time for the mother-to-be. Gifts were displayed on tables around the perimeter of the deck and long tables were set with china and silver and yellow roses adorned the tables. I wanted to serve the drinks in mason jars and I tied name tags with yellow and white twine to add some variation to the display. I had asked guests to consider bringing a book for the baby to help build their children’s library, and I had book plates made so that each guest could write a special note to the baby in their book. We put up a chalkboard and had each guest write their best guess for the baby’s gender, due date, weight, and length; and took each of their pictures with their prediction and we’ll compile it in an album for my sister.

We served the meal family style and topped it off with some refreshing water ice from Rita’s, which I dressed up by serving in clear plastic cups garnished with mint.

It was a fabulous fete to my future niece or nephew and such a beautiful day to spend with so many friends and family. Love you, Erin!

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