Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cutter's Room: Updates

I posted a few days ago on some recent house projects we've had on our agenda this past spring - leading into summer. I've also been slowly but surely updating Cutter's room to include a few more finishing touches. By the time I finish my vision, he'll be ready to head to college!
The first two additions are Anthropolgie buys and I admittedly eyed the "C" mug for a good three months before I made the actual purchase. My baby spoon rests in the mug. The giraffe wall hook is darling and corrals all his ties in one place.

The blue glass is from my grandfather's living room. When we rearranged things for his recovery bedroom this made its way into Cutter's bedroom. I adore it and purposely made its home on the dresser under the window so that the light can shine through it. 

The shutters were finally finished (thanks to my capable husband) and hung. The picture simply does not do them justice.

I did already post this update but love it so much I had to include it again. As Cutter began to fidget more at each diaper change we realized our days with the changing table had come to an end, and thus a bona fide dresser-top was born.

The matted prints, sent as a gift from my college friend, made for Cutter's nursery.

I still have a list of additions and changes to make, most notably to remove the couch and replace it with the twin bed that we have. I am nowhere even close to moving Cutter to a bed, but it will be nice to have the additional sleeping room for guests - or even Steve or myself when we are seeking out cool relief (one of our May purchases included a more efficient air conditioner for his room). I have some design ideas in mind for when he does make the switch and I'll share them in another post. I need to hang a few more pictures, including some from our recent shoot with Katie McMenamin. I also have two chairs from my childhood that I would like Steve to make a table for, and then Cutter can have a place to sit and do puzzles or what not. We're certainly blessed with the space.

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