Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call Me

I have long loved Erin Condren and have blogged about her in the past. I have some of her address labels and admit to being quite selective in whom I send them to. (Dirty secret spilled). I covet them and guard my stash with vigilance. It's true - I'm a stationery (and all that therein) junkie.

Erin has an incredible eye for design and her color schemes are simply the best. Zulily featured a voucher for her site not too long ago and I snagged one and stashed it away for future stationery lust. I have poured over the many options available to me and have been eyeing these calling cards. They are of the zipz pattern. Swoon.
Tonight I received an e-mail that all of their calling cards were discounted 30% leaving my out of pocket cost at a whopping $10.


Thanks be to zulily and to Erin Condren - two of my all-time favorites. Play date mates et al, be warned - calling cards will be flowing from this mama. Summer, you may now arrive.

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