Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Black and yellow..."

Steve and I traveled out to Western Pennsylvania this weekend to attend the wedding of my friend(s) that I met while on an Honors Trip to Costa Rica. Wiz Khalifa blared through the stereo and his words were never more appropriate – I admit my friends, we were in Steelers country. Not to worry, I confidently wore my Eagles t-shirt so that no questions of allegiance would arise. Be assured, I received many a glaring eye.

Both bride and groom were students along with me on the Honors trip, and their relationship began those seven years ago in the rain forests of Costa Rica. On Saturday they made the ultimate of covenants with one another and the Lord, and exchanged their troths of love and devotion towards each other in front of friends and family alike.

Rewind to May of 2004
As part of the Honors semester, two students were selected from each Pennsylvania State school to attend the program. I was chosen from Kutztown University, the bride from Slippery Rock University (and she actually organized the trip) while the groom was one of the students selected from Mansfield University. We first took classes at Slippery Rock University, and the remainder of our coursework was completed in Costa Rica. Chad and Kayla became friends while on the trip, but their dating relationship didn’t commence until a few years ago. When I heard they had reconnected I was not surprised in the least; there are not two people more clearly meant for each other than these two.

Delightfully the weekend was without a child to chase around. Cutter stayed home with his grandparents and while I missed him terribly, the adult conversation and quiet car ride were quite simply – divine.

The reception brought us back to where it all began, to the idyllic campus of Slippery Rock University. Even though I was only there for a few weeks I felt distinct memories re-emerge as we drove onto the campus. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? Two other girls who went on the trip with us were at the wedding and it was fun to reminisce about the trip and catch up on each other’s lives (Facebook, what?).

Steve and I most certainly enjoyed ourselves. I took full advantage of every rest area on the turnpike with Starbucks, and this morning when we could sleep in; we both were up by 7 am. Irony. On the drive home from the reception last night the sky was lit with some of the most breathtaking lightning strikes I have ever seen. Every moment that we had together just seemed as if it were a page torn from a storybook. Perhaps it was the emotion of the wedding, but I fell in love with my man all over again.

I’ll take a weekend like that any day.

Loving him, loving me

Awesome name cards; great theme Kayla!

Not surprisingly, we were seated at Philadelphia

Luggage Cake

Mr. & Mrs. cut the cake

Costa Rica group, 7 years later


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DCB said...

So glad you and Steve were able to have an adult weekend filled with friends and romance!

ps: I LOVE their cake!