Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bedroom Re-Do

I promised an update on our bedroom décor, specifically that of the linen variety. Even though said linens were purchased back in March and added to our bedroom, I am just now getting around to posting about it!

It truly is not as exciting as one would hope, but it is an update – and a bright one – at that. I happened upon this bedding at Home Goods almost three months ago now. I quickly purchased it before I could be swayed otherwise. The colors were close to what I was looking for and quite frankly, I was so done with that duvet cover I had to do something fast. I wanted more grays and whites, but the pop of blue suits me just fine.

Certainly not earth-shattering but oh my heavens is it better than that duvet!

Before - back in 2009

Updated with white quilt layered on top - this is from March
(I've already changed a lot stylistically!)

Love the scalloped edge

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The Branches said...

I think it looks a lot brighter! Love it :)