Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Literary Favorites

Books are a pure delight for Cutter. He has always enjoyed opening them, turning the pages, and "reading" them to himself. He most enjoys taking them all off of his bookshelf and sitting amongst all of them as if he were the King of the Book Pile. He has many favorites that he comes back to again and again, and so I thought I would share the top four.
 Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins
As evidenced by the worn spine, this is one of his absolute favorites. I started reading this one to him when he was born and he continues to enjoy looking at the brighly colored illustrations. The animals are captivating and the story is retold in a simple and concise format for a child. I even adore reading this book.
Rainbow Colors Peekaboo, by DK Publishing 
This is part of a series put out by DK publishing and I feel they are a must have for any baby. There are flaps on each page that reveal (in this case) babies dressed in colors, with a segment of each page that is touch-and-feel. Cutter has opened the flaps on each of this series multiple times (he has six different peekaboo books) and I have used packing tape to secure some of the flaps back in place. By no means is it a poorly reinforced book, my child simply loves to play peeakboo! He will sit and read one of these for fifteen minutes at a time, which is saying a lot for my easily distracted boy.
I Love you Through and Through by Rossetti-Shustak, Caroline Jayne Church (illustrator)
This is an adorable classic given as a gift to Cutter at his baby shower. He will curl up in my lap and we will go through each page and point to the bear and then to Cutter. He loves all of the rhyming - and again - that it is easy for him to turn the pages on his own. I love that this is a hard back book with a thicker cover. It's just such a great Mommy cuddle book.
Touch and Feel, Baby Animals by DK Publishing 
This particular book is our second edition. I got in the habit when Cutter was an infant of putting a book with him in the carseat so he would have something to look at while we drove. This particular book was a favorite for the car, and he would turn the pages, touch the animal and repeat this over and over. It usually kept him occupied for the duration of our car ride -- so you can understand why I opted to purchase a replacement when the first edition was eaten by one of our dogs. As evidenced by this spine as well, it certainly has gotten its use.
These are truly just the highlights of Cutter's daily repetoire. This kid loves books - and I love that!


Jase and Melissa said...

Caid has three out of those four...and I think "I love YOu Through and Through" is the favorite. Those little men have excellent literary tastes :)

The Branches said...

We have a lot of those books too. It's just the pop up books we have issues with b/c he tears all the characters out of the books :(