Friday, April 1, 2011

Coffee Talk

Habitually, Friday mornings have become a time of togetherness for my brother and I. He is well aware of my addiction to Starbucks and quite some time ago suggested coming along on my morning outing so that he might stay in the car with Cutter so I could run in uninhibited. My brother is one of the most servant-minded individuals one might ever meet, and this is truly a joy to him.

This morning we ventured out (in the snow mind you – oh the seasons) and Jason turned on the music. I had a CD lying in the car that he was interested in so I let him put it on. Yes, indeed, I love my Disney.

It was a bonus CD from my recent purchase of Beauty and the Beast (again, succumbed to Disney’s superb marketing of impending vault-dom) which had three songs from Beauty and the Beast and the rest were a compilation of princess songs.

As each came on, Jason guessed which movie it was from, with little or no help from me whatsoever. We came to Sleeping Beauty’s, 'Once Upon a Dream,' and he was stumped. He knew there were three fairies and there was a witch with a spindle (score!) but needed some encouragement. I prompted, “It starts with ‘S’” and he immediately blurted out “Sleeping Beauty!”

He then began to muse on the lyrics, mentioning how the song and movie was all about the princess finding her prince and true love. Which led to this dialogue:

“Lauren, this song kind of reminds me of me and my girlfriend, Amanda. Because she is like the princess I’ve been searching for and finally found. And that means I would be her prince.”

“Yeah, Jas. Kinda like that.”

“Because that’s what you and Steve have. You looked for each other for a long time, and now you found each other and you love each other, and he’s your prince and you’re his princess. And that means you’ve gotten your dream. Your dream with Cutter and a happy family. You have that, Lauren.”

“Yeah, Jas. Exactly like that.”

Coffee talk with my brother has never been so sweet.

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