Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazon Mom

I am in a sharing mood -- for other moms out there that read my blog, I feel I would be doing you a severe disservice if I did not dedicate a post to the glories that are - Amazon Mom.

When the program first started I admit I was a bit skeptical thinking there must be a catch, but ladies I assure you there is nothing but savings involved here - of both the monetary and sanity variety.

It is simple to get enrolled, you sign up here.
Pick your subscribe and save item - and wait by the door for the arrival (if you must).

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that our month's supply of diapers will arrive at my doorstep - without fail - every month. No bundling up Cutter, strapping him in the carseat, running out (in the rain of course because whenever you need something it's raining), and repeating the process for a return trip.

I just got my e-mail reminder for this month's shipment of diapers for Cutter. We use Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Size 4, 136 count. The normal price for the diapers is $48.90. I pay $28.69 - and did I mention that it is free shipping?

The other benefit of Amazon Mom is that it qualifies you for Amazon Prime. Another beauty in and of itself. I tend to buy most of my online purchases through Amazon due to this program. Free Next Day Shipping, need I say more?

No endorsement from Amazon Mom here, just an Everyday Mom sharing her money saving tips with you!

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