Monday, February 28, 2011

Milk, it does a body good.

The latest convert to cow's milk

Another milestone in the life of baby – Cutter has officially moved away from the mucky marshes of formula to the green pasutres of milk.

Can you hear the hallelujah chorus playing in the background?

I wanted to wait until we had a few days at home to start the transition (just in case) so last Thursday I gave him his bottle with 4 ounces of formula and 3-4 ounces of milk. He didn’t miss a beat and downed the bottle easily, so my first fear of initial rejection was dismissed. My second fear was how his body would handle the milk. He was so sensitive to dairy while I was nursing him and I have been too chicken to see how he would do with any large quantities of dairy since then. Much to my surprise, he seemed fine and had no rejections or reactions, and so we did the rest of the bottles that day with that ratio, and then stayed with that the next day. On Saturday I moved to only 2 ounces of formula and 5-6 ounces of milk and we stayed with that yesterday with still the same results (ie – nothing, PTL!) This morning I boldly filled the entire bottle with 7-8 ounces of milk and he drank it gluttonously. I have never been so happy about something so trivial.

Cutter stopped nursing when he was about 6 months old. He was ready and he let me know. It was a tough few weeks adjusting to his refusal of me and allowing my body to return to its normal state. He fell easily into the formula rhythm after that and bottles became the staple beverage in his diet.

We started on Similac but when they had a recall due to insect parts contaminating some of their formula (ahem, ours included – disgusting) I made the decision to switch to Enfamil. So every 10 days or so I would venture to Target and hand over $31.89 to nourish my child for the next 10 days. Add it up; staggering, I know. The price was worth it though to know he was receiving his nourishment and growing as he should, even if I wasn’t able to physically provide it for him.

I still am in disbelief at just how easily he made the switch. I have been anxious about this for months now. God has quite a way of shedding that anxiety from my heart and using that energy instead on positive and beneficial things. Oh, I am humbled.

I have a feeling the move away from bottles will not go near as smoothly; mother's intuition.

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