Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in 2011

This year was a decidedly quieter and calmer celebration of the turning of the page to twenty-eleven (the debate still reigns; twenty-eleven or two-thousand-eleven?). I have nary a photograph of a midnight kiss nor did any glittery crown adorn my head. Alas. My thoughts instead were centered around the planned proposal of friends of ours. The plan was that he would sink to one knee as the ball dropped, and we were all to capture the event for him on film. It was hard to keep the secret as I myself was anxious, but secure it under lock and key I did, and the proposal was accepted as the clock struck twelve. I had never been a part of a proposal (barring my own of course) and it was quite exciting. I recorded the video and I daresay my hands were shaking as much as the future groom. It was a fine way to ring in twenty-eleven, of which I am looking forward to with great anticipation.
He makes me so happy. gosh I love him.

The newly engaged couple.

Our hosts for the weekend.

Cutterbug. Lumberjack.

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