Monday, January 24, 2011

'Cold as Ice' - Literally

To officially mark the advent of my sister’s passage into “life after turning 25” we ventured up to their neck of the woods, into a veritable ice globe. This weekend was one of the coldest thus far this winter, and there was no exception in the mountains of North-Eastern Pennsylvania. Our humble sedan didn’t stand a chance in navigating the sheet of ice leading up the mountain to my sister’s home; so a rescue vehicle came down to get us. Such is the life of mountain living, I suppose.

We had a great weekend and I was able to get some great photographs of the ice frozen on the trees and windmills. My brother in-law’s family leases out their land to a power company who runs the windmills you see in the picture. They are at once breathtaking, beautiful, and intriguing. Sunday morning the wind had picked up and they were turning pretty well. The low on Saturday night got down to 2 degrees, and in some of the pictures you can see ice stuck to the blades of the windmills.

Not one to miss out on a chance to inaugurate Cutter into the sledding world, we bundled him up and braved the cold temperatures for a few runs down my sister’s backyard. If you discount the snow that sprayed him in the face as Steve tried to slow the sled – he enjoyed his first sled experience. I have no doubt that next year he will be that much more excited for it.


It was sad to come home on Sunday and leave my sister to her life up there, but I am so glad we were able to visit and celebrate her birthday with all of our family. I hate to be without her down here, but I’m slowly beginning to get used to it. It’s only been about a year – I’m slow on the uptake!

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