Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 months

T-1 month to 1 year old, seriously?!

At 11 months old Cutter is:

- Wearing size 12 month clothes though most are a little too big, especially the pants

- Wearing size 3 diapers, 4 at night

- Weighing in the neighborhood of 20 lbs

- Measuring around 28 inches

- Going a mile a minute; for not walking (yet) this kid can get around – fast!

- Climbing up the steps

- “Talking” a lot, still hasn't said mama but regularly says dada

- Taking 4 bottles a day and a sippy cup of water when he feels like it

- Eating 3 meals a day and 1 snack in the afternoon. He certainly doesn’t eat the amount of food that he once did, but he can still put it away. We’ve added tahini, salmon, ground beef, lentils, hummus, and are still trying the yogurt. I think he is responding a little better to it which is making me hopeful he will be able to tolerate milk when we switch (in a month!)

- Yet another haircut, I guess I need to stop keeping track at this point

- Making cheesy smiles

- Has a temper, big time. (I can just see the arms and legs pounding the ground now – what am I in for?!)

- Now has 7 teeth

- Loves to dance to music of any sort, but especially jazz

- I’m not ashamed to admit this boy loves television. Sports are high on his list, as are Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Meeska, Mooska is a daily phrase at this point.

- Still not walking, but my word every day is closer

- In a convertible car seat and loving it; I haven’t looked back for a second.

- Shaking his head ‘No’ all the time, to everyone and everything

Our first Christmas was this month which was a delight to celebrate through a child’s eyes. It was the first Christmas in years that I can’t remember much of what I received; I was so focused on Cutter! Teething is still a very present reality but is nothing that either a frozen teething ring or some motrin can’t alleviate. His favorite toys are the Wii remote, his Kool-Aid spoon, his blocks and boxes, and now his wagon. Why did we buy him so many toys again? The boy is happiest when entertained by the things that cost us nothing. Music remains a delight for him and most days I will just leave the jazz station on in the background for him to jam out to. He loves to put his blocks and baseball in anything – boxes, laundry baskets, watering cans, you name it.

He adores his Daddy to the point where I feel left out some days! Over the Christmas holiday Steve was home for almost two weeks and Cutter was not happy when he had to go to back to work. It was hard to get him back on schedule but I am so glad he had all of that precious time with his Daddy. He loves going to the nursery at church and I am happy that he has time to socialize with some of the other kids. He also gets some time in the nursery when I go to MOPS and shortly I’ll be doing a weekly bible study and he will go to the nursery for that, too. He just started going to a weekly storytime at the library and is enjoying that so far. He is just a social butterfly!

He had his first real snow (discounting his actual birth) the day after Christmas and used his snowsuit – adorable. The best part of this past month has been his increased affections for me. He loves to kiss and is much more accepting of hugs. Cutter is not a cuddler by any means (unless you are his Daddy) so whenever he is loving I soak it all up while I can. He loves to laugh and is always smiling. He is such a happy baby.

I cannot believe he will be one next month. Party plans are in full swing and invitations have been sent. I’ll do a separate post on some of the details since that sort of thing thrills me to no end.

11 months old.

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