Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa, Meet Cutter

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town..."

Christmas has been good to Cutter thus far. He is enamored with the lights, the decorations, the tree, and most of all - the jolly old man in the red suit, Santa Claus. My Mom has a large collection of Santa figurines that she has painted over the years. This year she displayed them in her front window and without fail every morning Cutter points to them and 'asks' to go and see them. His excitement is clear by the bruises on my hips from his kicking, as if he were trying to tell me to 'giddy-up, Mom!' So, every morning we go over and he touches them and smiles and yes, declares, 'Santa!' He is quite smitten with them and I think he will be sorely disappointed when it is time for the decorations to come down.

I decided to capitalize on his interest in Santa and figured he should at least get to experience the guy in reality. Thankfully, I must say that Cutter has many men in his life who are blessed with facial hair, and to be honest - my Pop-Pop has always reminded of Santa Claus as it is. I wasn't as worried that Cutter would be scared of Santa per se, but more or less just the hype surrounding it all.

My fears were unfounded as I discovered this morning. Cutter didn't cry and in fact is even giving Santa the thumbs up in the picture. Next year, I doubt it will go as well, but Cutter has now had his first experience with Santa and I have checked another holiday to-do off of my list. The outfit Cutter is wearing is my holiday splurge. I love all things monogrammed and these overalls were too cute to pass up. Merry Christmas, Cutter - Mommy loves you!

Only 11 more days until Christmas....

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