Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have zero images to mark the occasion but it is deserving of a post regardless.
Today is my grandfather's 76th birthday.

After chauffeuring my mom to her physical therapy for her ankle today, we drove up to see my grandparents. Our motive was twofold - we had some essentials for Thanksgiving that we had to drop off ahead of time, and we could spend some time with my grandfather on his birthday. It worked out perfectly.

Cutter has been a great car napper while my Mom is at therapy. He usually falls asleep in the car on the way to therapy and then after I drop her off, I drive around a little bit and head to the mall. I wait until he wakes up and then we head into the mall to walk around and get some exercise since I have not been brave enough to submit his tender ears to the wind and chill of the outdoors. I do not want to go through more ear infections as I am sure he does not either. I am doing both of us a favor.

After our mall exercise this morning, we picked up my Mom and Cutter took another catnap for the rest of our drive. My grandparent's live in a retirement community and it humors me how a great majority of the houses were already decorated for Christmas! I suppose the warmer weather last weekend lured many to get them up before the freezing temperatures are upon us again.

Cutter has not taken well to my grandfather in the past. I cannot explain it and feel terrible as he is the only person Cutter has ever shown any hesitation towards. He is usually very easy-going and comfortable even with strangers. My grandfather was beginning to develop a complex and thankfully today Cutter gave him a wonderful birthday gift. He went to him without even a lip quiver and smiled up at him with his beautiful face! They had such a wonderful afternoon together. My grandfather played the harmonica which Cutter loved; they played together, laughed together - it was so wonderful. I was so happy (and relieved) that Cutter did so well with him and finally warmed up to him. I can't say enough what a blessing it is to me that Cutter has not only his grandparents, but his great-grandparents to grow and develop relationships with.

My own great-grandfather, Pops, made such a lasting impression on me. I miss him to this day. We had a wonderful relationship and would send letters to one another. I credit him for developing and honing my love of writing. He wrote a story especially for me that is a real treasure to me. I can only hope that Cutter will develop a relationship such as this with any one of his great-grandparents. The child is blessed with seven of them, after all.

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