Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Cutter and the pumpkin backdrop

Last Saturday we found ourselves with no plans and an abundance of sunshine. Faced with a week of little to none of the bright yellow stuff prior, the decision to remain outside for the day was one of little debate. Our only true obligation for the day was to get Cutter a flu shot in the morning, and then the day was ours to do with as we saw fit. This had not happened in quite some time as most of our weekends have been scheduled weeks, really months, in advance. I had wanted to take Cutter to a pumpkin patch to get his first pumpkin experience, and yes, to get some adorable pictures, and so we ventured out to Chester Springs to explore Milky Way Farms.

Milky Way is wonderfully under-advertised compared to the other fall giants surrounding us. While there were certainly plenty of parents with their children, it was decidedly lower-key than say, Linvilla. Steve’s father and his wife met us there and so the Longenecker’s set off to explore the Farm.

The Farm had a few animals for the kids to look at and Cutter obliged with a cursory glance. It seems goats, pigs and cows are not his current variety of amusement. Steve and I both traded off the camera to capture his every move; our camera is one of our best investments since his birth, truly.

I give high praise to the proprietors of a place with such a pure and simple allure, coupled with an intense familial draw. One can only deal with squeals of impatience and over-stimulation for so long before spontaneously combusting – right?? I watched countless siblings sit and force smiles for those memory-making shots on the pumpkin wall. Oh, the things we subject our children to out of love. All out of love.

Alas, this debit-card wielding consumer neglected to account for the farm aspect of our experience, and cold hard cash was the only acceptable form of bribery. No pumpkins were harmed in our escapade and remained intact on the vines on which they grew. Perhaps next year when Cutter is walking we can embark on the search for the perfect pumpkin; akin to that of the perfect Christmas tree.

The weather could not have been more conducive to a day on the farm and we basked in the glow for as long as the nap schedule would allow. Food and spirits were ingested and enjoyed at a lovely restaurant next door (side note: thank you to the kind woman who graciously pointed out the changing table to me in the restroom – what was I thinking?), and then we thanked Poppy and Grandma Susan for obliging us with our spur of the moment invitation, and headed on our way home. The sun had warmed the car just so, and Cutter and I both enjoyed a delightful and deserved afternoon nap.

Saturdays just don’t get any better than that.

The Pumpkin Wall

Grandma Susan with Cutter
My Cutterbug and I (go Phillies!)Posing amongst the vines

Our walk to the patch

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Julie and Stephen said...

I love all the photos. The one of you in the hat is a really good one of you too!! Brings back memories of taking Benjamin to the pumpkin patch last year. Hoping to take him to Linvilla this weekend. Did you get Cutter a Halloween costume yet?