Thursday, October 7, 2010


Please, Mom, I've got to play it cool for these lovely ladies...
Cutter went for his first swing at the park today. Steve got home a little early and so we went over to the park to take advantage of the beautiful weather. I won't lie; I am baffled at his enthusiam over the park swing when as an infant, banshee screaming would ensue at the mere vision of a baby swing. This child is a personality all unto himself.
He soaked in the sunshine, smiled, shared some of his latest thoughts (mostly of the "ra-ra-ra" variety), and tossed his super model hair in the wind for the ladies nearby. Never one to shy away from a potential "friend" he charms everyone and anyone with his debonair toothy grin and luscious locks aplenty. The ladies seem to be his specialty.
All irony aside, I am consumed with great anticipation for another park play date as it seems we have now checked yet another milestone off of our life list. First ride in a park swing, vanquished. I believe next on the list is securing a beautiful girlfriend whom Mom will adore and Dad will brandish every weapon against - or maybe I'm skipping ahead.
We had a spontaneous and wonderful afternoon!

Swinging and actually loving it

Daddy explaining how it all works

Smiles and smiles and smiles


Jase and Melissa said...

Cute pictures, Lauren! Glad you guys made it this morning

Emily said...

I'm workin on the girlfriend! :)