Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

My Pooh bear

To mark the official advent of the only holiday to boast of costumes for practically every age group (and socially accepted at that), we set to trick-or-treat at Steve’s Dad’s. They live in a great neighborhood and for nights such as this, one that is easy to get from house to house.
Our street has all of 8 houses and so even as a child, trick-or-treating was outsourced to either friends or family living in developments suitable for walking.

Upon our arrival, Cutter developed a deep infatuation with a Kool-Aid spoon that only grew stronger throughout the day. We ended up trick-or-treating with spoon in tow.

In true motherly order (and yes, extravagant I realize) I dressed my son in yet another Halloween costume for the official holiday itself. I celebrated my first Halloween dressed as Winnie the Pooh, and I knew that my Mom would appreciate the gesture if I dressed Cutter the same. Cutter wore the Winnie the Pooh costume tonight, and in doing so, carried on the Genn tradition set in place nearly twenty-eight years ago.

We visited a select few houses in the neighborhood, mostly friends of Poppy and Grandma Susan, and once the cover of night settled in, we headed back to the house to warm our Pooh bear’s cold little nose.

There was a pumpkin bar/cake awaiting me upon our return in celebration of my upcoming birthday. What followed was quite possibly the quietest and most somber rendition of "Happy Birthday" I have ever heard - all so as not to upset Cutter, who was quite exhausted by this point of the evening. If you remember, he has exhibited much trepidation and fear over the (loud) sudden recitation of this song. The cake was delicious and I was quite touched that Susan remembered my deep affection for all things pumpkin.

I opened gifts that were unexpected and pleasantly so. I now have some adorable sweaters that will be major staples of my winter wardrobe. We always have a hard time ending our visits there, but we had to cut our time short so that Cutter could get home and to bed. He was one tired Pooh bear.
Kool-Aid spoon in hand
Grandma Susan; Happy Hollow Weenie!With his Ladies

Spoon again - it's bedtimeHappy Halloween!

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